Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lazy summer [OOTD + random pics]

Hi everyone! How are you enjoying warm July days?

I've been just soo lazy lately. I went to Berlin back in June for a few days with my friends (pictures later, sadly I didn't take many pics myself so I have to wait for others to send them to me) and also had an unexpected trip to the mountains in St. Mortiz, Switzerland a week ago but since then, I've been pretty much procrastinating.

So I'm mostly doing stuff like making homemade syrups and juices, baking (as usual) and I'm currently finishing my cosplay prop (more cosplay progress HERE). I also started watching anime and reading manga after.. 3 years or so? It feels good not having to do anythig :33

This is today's OOTD. I was meeting my friend for a drink after a long time and then I went to a family dinner with my dad and sis. Yup, today was good.

My legs are so much more tanned than the rest of the body haha~ xD That's the result of walking in the mountains in shorts with no sunscreen -.- 

top / Forever21
skirt / Romwe
bag / ebay
heels / offbrand
And some random pics from my daily life. You could see most of them on my instagram or page

In front of Reichstag, Berlin
Silva Plana, Switzerland

homemade lavender syrup :3
cosplay staff progress
finally got Instax! can't wait to try it out!
That's all for now! Have a lovely day~!
Stella <3

Saturday, June 21, 2014

who are we

Hello everyone!

This is hopefully the end of my long outfit post pause. How are you enjoying the first summer days?

I just love to wear pastels in summer but at the same time, I don't really feel comfortable in really girly clothes like I have always worn. So this time i combined cute with cool and it all seems just like a perfect mix for me. Outfits like this also somehow reflect my personality, I guess.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

circle lens GIVEAWAY

My circle lens sponsor http://lensvillage.com was kind enough to let me organize a giveaway for my dear readers. You can win one pair of circle lenses of your choice (except ColorVue Crazy 14mm and ColorVue Sclera 22mm) from Lensvillage if you follow four easy steps.

The giveaway is Facebook based - click HERE for further instructions!

This giveaway is open internationally and ends 30. 6. 2014

Good luck everybody!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Tropical beach inspired clothing is such an evergreen. I'd even say a cliché. You can always expect it to appear in stores before the holiday season, usually hand in hand with sailor inspired pieces. And because I see it every summer, I just didn't pay attention to it. After all, it was not my cup of tea.

I don't really know why it is that this year I suddenly became attracted to pineapples and flamingos but it happened. I simply decided I need to buy that stuff to get on the summer vibe. And everytime I see clothes of this type somewhere, I immediately start to regret that I live in a rather cold, landlocked country.

If you're as unlucky as me and have very little chances to take a swim in the sea this summer, in these clothes you can at least dream about tropical beaches, palms, fruits and animals.

shark t-shirt / cropp                                                                 palm shorts / H&M
pineapple pouch / romwe.com                                                 parrot necklace / I love crafty
banana t-shirt / sheinside.com                                                 flamingo top / H&M
tropical sunglasses / ebay.com                                                boat printed skirt / romwe.com
watermelon shorts / lazy oaf                                                   watermelon flats / modcloth
pineapple earrings / I love crafty

  • Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    GUESS WHO'S BACK [haul]

    Hello there lil' mammoths!

    Much happened since my last post~. I'm sorry I didn't have time for blogging, but trust me, I had good reasons why not to.
    Most importantly, I have graduated from high school 2 weeks ago with pretty good grades (not straight As, but still good ;)). What preceded it was another 2 weeks of intensive studying (we call it a "holy week" here  - the time (in my case it was two weeks)  between your last school day and your graduation when you study hard to catch up with everything you have missed throughout the year (in my case almost everything, especially in chemistry I was completely lost).

    What follows immediately after graduation are, of course, the celebrations, so I invited bunch of my friends-classmates over to our weekend house for a couple of days, which was another reason for my absence here.
    And now, when the school duties are almost done (I still have to recieve my report and send it to the uni I'm going to next year), I'm slowly starting to enjoy a 4 months long holidays. Yay!

    When I was at my worst, buried in books and mathematical formulas - I'm sure every student knows how frustrating it is to study all day long, alone, only having friends come over to explain to you stuff you don't understand - I bought a lot of stuff, some because I needed it desperately, some simply out of frustration. I know this post isn't that much of a glorious comeback, because haul posts have little to zero value, but hay, let's have a look at what I bought :D

     Holographic skirt (from mancphoebe.storenvy.com) was my dream, but I only have trouble with it - first it was too tight, I had my friend altered it and hell, it's too short. But I'm not giving up on wearing it.
    The mint skirt is from ebay and I had a fight with my sister over it. I got it because I am the one who has a PayPal account, not her :D

     Flamingo top (New Yorker)
    Thug sheer sleeve sweatshirt (i think it's from romwe.com, not sure tho)
     purple star creepers (ebay) - I needed new shoes really badly!
     Beauty haul from beautynetkorea.com - as much as I loved w2beauty, I think this site is even better for buying Korean cosmetics! Reviews soon~

    And finally, a sailor dress I found in a thriftshop when I was shopping for cosplay supplies yesterday. That said, I'm working on a new cosplay - watch my facebook page for progress ;3

    I'm coming back soon with some reviews and outfit posts, hopefully! Stay tuned and enjoy your summer!


  • Thursday, May 8, 2014

    Photoshoot with Karolina Ryvolova

    Hey mammoths!
    I know I suck in blogging right now. It will get better after I graduate, I promise ;)

    Those who follow my Facebook page already know, but why not post it here as well. I just want to show you two pics (or should I say art pieces?) from a photoshoot with wonderful & talented protographer and digital artist Karolina Ryvolova. The photoshoot took place in an abandoned brewery (a bit scary place!) and although it was really cold that day and I was freezing, it was so much fun - I hope it wasn't my last collaboration with Karolina.
    There is only two pictures done so far, but I think they're really worth seeing. I hope you'll like them~

    Thanks for viewing!
    Stella <3


  • Saturday, April 19, 2014

    GEO Angel Green Lens review [sponsored by Lensvillage]

    Hi everyone!

    Today I'll be reviewing my new circle lenses as well as the store who kindly sent them to me, http://www.lensvillage.com.

    Lensvillage is a Korean circle lenses reseller. They carry up to 8 brands and about 600 models of circle lenses of various colors, styles and prescriptions. Check out their website for more!

    They kindly agreed to sponsor me with a pair of lenses of my choice. I chose GEO Angel lenses in Green. I already had a good experience with GEO Medical in the form of my first pair of lenses. The communication with the seller was really pleasant, they were very nice and helpful!

    My package arrived after three weeks and a couple of days, which is pretty much a standard Asia-Europe delivery time. The lenses came nicely and safely packed, along with a free, randomly picked circle lens case (this time I got elephants, yay! my favorite animals~). Like all GEO lenses, they came with an anti-fake number, so I could verify their authenticity online.

    The diameter of these lenses is only 14,2 mm, which is fairly small for circle lenses, but despite of that, the enlargement effect is still huge. It is because of the dark circle - lenses which have it make your eyes look bigger than the lenses that do not have one. They also seem to be very light colored with a dark circle, but on my eyes, they look dark, even though my natural eye color is light green.

    The color of these lenses does not blend with the color of your eyes, it forms a dark circle around your pupil instead, so I wouldn't recommend them to people whose eye color is very different from this one (for example blue).

    These lenses are really comfortable. I could wear them all day like my regular lenses without feeling any sign of discomfort.

    These lenses are 10/10 for me! Make sure to check them and many other styles at LENSVILLAGE.COM. And there will be a giveaway in cooperation with this website really soon so stay tuned!

    Love you all!
    Stella <3